Artist Statment

My work explores the idea of being oblivious to the obvious.   Our ideas of “What is obvious?” Is constructed by means of observation and experience through previous personal exposures.  As we age, we register all of this information and process it in a way that ultimately determines unique scaffolds that form our definition of ‘obvious’.

Some observations in life such as associating fire with heat or water with wet are universally obvious. We arrive to the same common conclusion with out any external influences. It is a part of our natural defense system that prevents chaos.

Observations in social environments are synthetic in nature, we do not all ways arrive to an obvious conclusion, and we are taught it. They become obvious to us because we are immersed in social definitions that direct us to the ‘obvious’.  We filter our thoughts through social norms in an unconscious effort to preserve anthological obedience.

My recent body of work uses gasmasks as a vessel that address the natural and synthetic ‘obvious’.  The gasmask is a symbolic signifier of safety or danger, a parallax entirely dependent on what side of the mask you are facing. Are you on the outside looking in or the inside looking out?

My previous work includes creating a memorial to cigarettes and smoking. All though nationally we see the obvious health hazards associated with smoking we must not fail to acknowledge the culture that it created. It is a ritual people have shared for many years, it was a symbolic of rebels and thinkers, cultural icons such a John Wayne and Audrey Hepburn will be remembered holding a lit cigarette.